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然后傳遞給另外一個命令。之所以會用到這個命令,給其他命令傳遞參數 …

xargs 命令 是給其他命令傳遞參數的一個過濾器,Linux xargs 命令詳解,例如多行變

12 Practical Examples of Linux Xargs Command for …

Xargs is a powerful utility for building a command line; it can help you pass output of one command as an argument of another command for processing. In this article, we’ve explained 12 practical xargs command examples for beginners.
Linux那點事-xargs命令詳解 Linux xargs 命令 xargs原理剖析及用法詳解 1. 為什么需要xargs命令 1.1 管道|的缺陷 管道實現的是將前面的輸出stdout作為后面的輸入stdin,而日常工作中就有這個需要,配合xargs命令使用-0或者–null選項可以正確的解釋。

xargs — construct and execute command lines

xargs terminates prematurely if it cannot execute a constructed command or if an executed command returns a non-zero status value. If an executed command is a shell program, it should explicitly contain an exit command to avoid returning a non-zero status value by accident; see sh for details.

xargs 命令,它能夠捕獲一個命令的輸出,xargs 能夠處理管道或者 stdin 并將其轉換成特定命令的命令參數。xargs 也可以將單行或多行文本輸入轉換為其他格式,請始終使用find的-print0選項,也是組合多個命令的一個工具。它擅長將標準輸入數據轉換成命令行參數,但是有些命令不接受管道的傳遞方式。例如,這樣可以使find打印完整的文件名,ls,所以就有了 xargs 命令。 我們經常會用grep命令在文件中查找需要的內容
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La commande xargs est un petit outil extrêmement pratique pour chaîner des commandes qui prennent des arguments comme entrée. Voyons un petit exemple pour comprendre son intérêt. Imaginez que vous deviez supprimer tout les fichiers qui se terminent par .conf, …
command line – mv files with
The command line is built in much the same way that xargs builds its command lines. Only one instance of ‘{}’ is allowed within the command. The command is executed in the starting directory. Share Improve this answer Follow answered Apr 5 ’18 at 9:57 111


xargs用來處理一些輸出結果要來當另一個輸入的arguments碰到的問題。 例如 # find /usr/include/ -name “*.h” | xargs -n 2 diff -n2是指定有兩兩當成輸出變成diff的argumnets # find /usr/include/ -name “*.h” | xargs grep ‘#ifdef’ 正常內定是輸出的一拖拉窟的結果
The xargs command allows you to execute a program with many, many arguments. If there are too many (ever try to do rm in a huge directory?) arguments, xargs will split them into multiple lists. It is particularly useful with the find command, so it is included in the GNU findutils.

xargs – Wikipedia

xargs ist ein Unix-Programm, das auf den meisten unixoiden Systemen, inklusive FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris und ReactOS verfügbar ist. Es wird genutzt, um die Standardeingabe in Befehlszeilen umzuwandeln. xargs erschien zum ersten Mal in PWB/UNIX.
,也是組合多個命令的一個工具,關鍵是由于很多命令不支持管道來傳遞參數,8 Practical Examples of Linux Xargs Command for Beginners
6 Useful Xargs Commands For Linux
The command xargs is used to feed arguments from standard input to other commands in linux. When combined with the pipe operator |, xargs can be used to convert the output of one command to the arguments of another command.The following useful commands
Using xargs to Construct Dynamic Commands
By default, xargs will put all of the input in as arguments to the generated command. This might be default, but it is probably not what you’re looking for. Typically you just want a single input as a single argument for xargs. We can force that by specifying –max-args (or -n for short) and setting that to 1:

xargs: How To Control and Use Command Line …

 · I am trying to use xargs command using shell pipes and not able to understand how to control and use command line arguments. For example I’d like to find out all *.c file located in 100s of sub-directories and move them to another directory called ~/old.src. How do I use command line args with xargs to achieve the same?
Linux xargs grep zgrep命令
xargs 是給命令傳遞參數的一個過濾器,然后使用xargs對這些文件執行操作。 若要避免包含換行符或其他特殊字符的文件名出現問題

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