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Why Warming Up and Cooling Down is Important
A warm-up and a cool-down both involve doing exercises at a lower intensity and slower pace, which improves your athletic performance, prevents injuries, and helps with recovery from exercise. Warm up activities include light jogging, or cycling slowly on a bike.
The importance of warming up and cooling down
Incorporating a warm-up and cool down is a great way to slowly increase your total time of exercise, decrease the risk of injury, and improve workout performance. It’s easy to skip these parts of a workout because of time, or thinking we don’t need it, but in reality, it’s recommended to partake in a minimum of 5-10 minutes of a light warm-up along with 5-10 minutes of a cool down.

The Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down for Athletes

In contrast to a warm up, the main goal of a cool down is to slowly decrease the body temperature, lower an athlete’s heart rate, and reduce against injury. If athletes choose not to participate in a cool down, they are more susceptible to blood buildup in their veins and soreness the next day.

Warming Up and Cooling Down, DANZ

Simple Cool down Walk, jog or move the body gently for 2 minutes Follow with up to 5 minutes of gentle stretching The following articles give more detail on dance preparation. Enjoy your dancing! Download the full resource Comprehensive Guide to Warm Up and
Warm-Up and Cool Down
As a result, the coach may wish to encourage the athlete to regard the warm-up and cool down as an essential part of both the training session and competition itself. Research work by McNair (2000) [1] and Knudson (2001) [2] suggests that the use of dynamic stretches – slow controlled movements through the full range of motion – are the most appropriate exercises for the warm-up .
Warm up & cool-down
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Warm up and Cool down
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Warm up and Cool down
 · I’ve always thought that a cool down is basically the same thing as the warm up except you slow down near the end of it. If you don’t need anything for the rest of the day (if you work somewhere that requires heavy lifting for example), then you could increase your flexibility with static stretching in the cool down.
Warm up and Cool down
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Cool down: The following cool-down routine helps your body reduce the initial soreness in your muscles after your workout. Remember to stretch until you feel a slight pull, not until you feel pain. Make sure to breathe calmly and deeply: your body needs oxygen to relax your muscles.
Warm Up & Cool Down
 · PDF 檔案Warm Up and Cool Down – Draft www.specialolympics.org Warm Up & Cool Down WARM UP A warm-up should be the first activity in every training session or competition. It helps prepare the body and mind for the activity we are about to do. Warm-ups should
Warm Up and Cool Down
Warm Up and Cool Down Safety Alert! If you take insulin or a medicine from the Secretagogue class of medicines you are at risk for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). You are more likely to get low blood sugar when program or when you progress your exercise

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Go beyond the barre & explore Warm-up, Stretching & Cool-down techniques to help dancers move without stress-free during dancing, & avoid injury risks. Dancers, like any serious athlete, need to begin their dancing session with proper warm-up routine. Warm-up

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