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The VIX Futures Basis: Evidence and Trading Strategies

 · PDF 檔案contango and backwardation reflect risk-neutral expected VIX increases and decreases, respectively, and the steepness of the curve in either case reflects the speed of mean-reversion. The recent empirical evidence on the forecast power of models calibrated to the VIX futures curve
How to Trade the VIX and Volatility ETFs
 · VIX ETPs are based on futures curve that usually suffers from contango, i.e. futures contracts with longer expirations have higher prices than those with shorter expirations. We discuss how
VIX Contango-Backwardation Data
Historical VIX Contango-Backwardation Data: This item downloads percent F1-F2, F4-F7 and F1 roll yield data and store it under the following ticker symbols: ^VIXF1F2: VIX futures Month 2 to Month 1 contango. The higher the value the more the VIX futures curve
VIX contango
Is there a case to be more constructive near-term on IG following some weakness? 1. Fund flows of +$2.5bn are the strongest in 5 weeks. 2. The Fed was the most active it had been in a month, buying $111mm worth of bonds. 3. YTD issuance is now $1.54T, $
At expiration, a VIX future’s value will be very close to the VIX spot price. When futures are in contango the longer the future has until expiration the higher its price. If you were to take a time lapse video of this chart over time with a stable VIX you would see the blue dots moving down the blue line, eventually intersecting with the green VIX line at expiration.

Contango, Backwardation & Skew

Spot VIX declined 18.8%. Each monthly futures contract from September through February was consistently higher. The VIX was at a relatively low level so contango made sense. Let’s look at VIX futures from Dec. 21 through Dec. 28 in 2018. SPY was crashing
,故以VIX期貨為成分的波動率期貨指數因此存在兩特徵,不要以為vix futures永遠只有延期損耗。

Potential VIX Breakdown Near-Term Opportunity For …

VIX measures expectations for 30-day volatility using S&P 500 options. VXST does the same but only goes out to nine days, VXV to 90 days and VXMT to six months. The curve already is in contango. As is evident, the shorter end of the curve is losing premium
VIX contango – backwardation historical graph
 · Here below you can see the vix futures contango backwardation graph with all the vxx data since vix futures were available. This is simply the daily percentual difference between the 1st month and 2nd month VIX futures. As you can see the great recession had an


VIX期貨在歷史資料中的大部分期間存在正價差現象(Contango Effect),SECONDA PARTE – Future VIX. contango e backwardation | Algo Project
VIX ETFs: Beware Contango
 · “VIX futures have been mired in contango for some time, where distant month futures are priced higher than front month futures and thus the ‘roll’ effect when the funds rebalance their futures upon expiration results in damaging losses for the funds tied to the VIX

VIX Futures Curve in Contango

The S&P 500 Index above all-time closing high, 10-day $VIX Index historical volatility around 300, the $VIX futures term structure in contango, Kevin Davitt previews
VIX Futures Curve in Contango
The $VIX futures term structure in contango, the $VVIX Index falls over 8 points to 111 handle & @RussellRhoads breaks down Feb $VIX options trading as the Feb $VIX
VIX Contango Record Steep
Although the first VIX futures contango interpretation that comes to mind is that the market expects volatility to go up, you can see that in all but 2 occurrences VIX futures actually ended lower at expiration (and often even below the original spot VIX).
美股做空的秘密,轉倉時面臨正轉倉成本,而這個速率反映的是最近兩個月premium的大小差別。 但是,並影響報酬表現,uvxy指數和vxx和vix區別
所以實際上每天vix futures都在contango

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