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USS Enterprise (CV-6): Photos. History. Specification
USS Enterprise (CV-6)
 · The Enterprise was of the Yorktown-class of aircraft carriers made up of the USS Yorktown (CV 5), the USS Enterprise (CV 6) and the USS Hornet (CV 8). She was of traditional design for the time and sported a her superstructure to the starboard side.
USS Enterprise (CV-6)
The USS Enterprise (CV-6) was a US Navy aircraft carrier in operation from 1938 to 1947, including during World War II where it fought various battles in the Pacific Ocean, mainly against the Japanese. Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer kept a photograph of the Enterprise (CV-6)’s Air Group Ten in …
USS Enterprise CV-6
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USS Enterprise CV-6 1942
Remarkably, the fate USS Enterprise, CV-6, was to become nothing more than scrap. It has been said that the Enterprise, more than most ships, possessed a soul. Indeed, as a final testament to this fact, as the USS Enterprise had been reduced to nothing more than its keel, one of the ship’s most famous residents, Admiral William F. Halsey, died.

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Japanese bomb hits USS Enterprise (CV-6) flight deck during Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 24 August 1942 阿拉伯文 انفجار قنبلة يابانية على سطح رحلة يو إس إس إنتربرايز ، في 24 أغسطس 1942 أثناء معركة جزر سليمان الشرقية ، …
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USS Enterprise CV-6 (1942), Merit International 65302 …

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CV-6 USS Enterprise, Mini Hobby Models 80902 (2019)

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USS Enterprise (CV-6) – Wikipedia

USS Enterprise (runkonumero CV-6) oli Yhdysvaltain laivaston vuonna 1936 vesillelaskettu Yorktown-luokan lentotukialus, joka palveli vuoteen 1947.Alus oli toisen maailmansodan menestyneimpiä lentotukialuksia, jonka lentokoneet ja ilmatorjunta pudotti 911 vihollislentokonetta, upotti 71 alusta ja vahingoitti 192 muuta.
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Motion Models – USS Enterprise, CV-6 (1944)
Nov 10, 2020 – USS Enterprise CV-6, Essex/Ticonderoga Class Carrier People also love these ideas
USS Enterprise CV-6
L’ USS Enterprise (CV-6), surnommé Big E, était le sixième porte-avions de la marine des États-Unis et le septième navire américain portant ce nom. Lancé en 1936, c’était un navire de la classe Yorktown, et l’un des trois porte-avions américains mis en service avant …
Pacific Wrecks – USS Enterprise Association Prisoners of War (POW) from Enterprise list from USS Enterprise Contribute Information Are you a relative or associated with any person mentioned? Do you have photos or additional information to

USS Enterprise (CV-6) — Википедия

USS Enterprise (CV-6) «Энтерпрайз» движется к Панамскому каналу, 10 октября 1945 года Служба США Прозвище «Большой Э» (англ. The Big E), «Счастливчик Э» (англ. Lucky E), …
USS Enterprise CV-6
The USS Enterprise CV-6 is available for purchase for 300,000 resource. Included with it is a single SBD Dauntless dive bomber. It’s weaponry includes many 47mm RFGs and 12.7 cm guns. It is probably best to replace the majority of the RFGs with 25 mm AA

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