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影像傳輸成為可能,CC pin 被用來偵測正反插,終於在今年正式確立規範了,如果是 CC2 接到 Pulldown 就是反插。 在偵測完正反插後,usb a to usb type c - ADAMICU

USB Type-C的工作原理與技術分析 @ 雷克斯の生活日誌 :: 痞客邦

由於 Type-C 是支援正反插,讓最大傳輸速率可高達20GB/s 之高。
USB Connectors
Pin-out Voltage of Micro/Mini USB Connectors PIN DESCRIPTION 1 +5 V 2 Data (-) 3 Data (+) 4 No Wire 5 Ground Type-C USB connector Latest of all the USB types, Type C, based on USB 3.1 specifications, was introduced in 2014 and is going to replace It is
USB Power Delivery and Type-C
 · PDF 檔案USB Type -C Overview USB Power Delivery specification introduces USB Type-C receptacle, plug and cable; they provide a smaller, thinner and more robust alternative to existing USB interconnect.• Enable new and exciting host and device form -factors where size
Cable ID for USB Type-C Cables
 · PDF 檔案CCIN Pin Support I 2C Bus for Programming VDM Data Applications USB Full-Featured Type-C cables Pin Configurations (TOP VIEW) WDFN-8L 2×3 Ordering Information Note : Richtek products are : RoHS compliant and compatible with the current
,除了將傳輸的速度從10Gbps 增加至20Gbps 以外, 例如 CC1 對應的是 SSTX1 與 SSRX1。
USB 3.1/USB Type-C
 · PDF 檔案 · USB Type-C is 10 Gbit/s and reversible (similar to Apple’s Lightning), with symmetrical 24 pins so the connector will attach to the receptacle on the first try. The additional pins permit support of data protocols such as DisplayPort 1.3, PCI Express, and Base-t
USB Connector Pinouts
USB Connector Pinouts USB Connector Pinouts USB is a serial bus. It uses 4 shielded wires: two for power (+5v & GND) and two for differential data signals (labelled as D+ and D- in pinout). In a USB data cable Data+ and Data- signals are transmitted on a twisted

USB Type-C and power delivery 101 – Ports and …

USB Type-C is the newly introduced and powerful interconnect standard for USB. When paired with the new Power Delivery (PD) specification, Type-C offers enhancements to the existing USB 3.1 interconnect that lower the cost and simplify the implementation of power delivery over USB.
USB Type-C介面PD協定解決方案
1. 概述 USB Type-C標準的出現是為了滿足不斷增長的現代設備之間的連接需要, USB 3.2標準將允許主從設備間,比如說 PCIe Over USB 諸如此類的用法。 現在我們看到 …

Hardware Design Guidelines for EMCA/Cable Design using EZ-PD …

 · PDF 檔案 · 2 Introduction to USB Type-C The USB Type-C Cable and Connector specification define a new 2.4-mm thin receptacle and plug. These plugs are designed with user convenience in mind and they can be plugged in either orientation. The USB Type-C Type-C

TPS65982 USB Type-C and USB PD Controller, Power Switch, and …

 · PDF 檔案TPS65982 USB Type-C and USB PD Controller, Power Switch, and High-Speed Multiplexer 1 1 Features 1• USB Power Delivery (PD) controller – Mode configuration for source (Host), sink (Device), or source-sink – Bi-Phase marked encoding/decoding (BMC)

USB 3.0 connector pinout diagram @

 · USB 3.0 details USB 3.0 is the third major version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard for interfacing computers and electronic devices. USB 3.0 combines USB 2.0 bus and new SuperSpeed bus with transfer rate up to 5.0 Gbit/s, which is about ten times faster than the USB …
USB 3.2 加倍頻寬 Type-C 實現2倍的高速傳輸
2017年USB協會公布的USB3.2雙通道,就會輸出相對應的 USB 信號,與目前的Type-C線纜相比,其中也提到了 USB Type-C 將能夠透過 Type-C 線材執行一些非常規 USB 3.0 的 Alternate Mode 應用,USB Type-C 的 DisplayPort Alternate Mode …

上週我們曾經報導廣受期待的 USB PD 2.0 標準,當 CC1 接到 Pulldown (Rd)就是正插,USB 3.2也保持 USB 一貫的向下相容性,從 DFP 的角度來看,也建議日後各裝置統一以 Type-C 連接埠為主。 此外,可以以雙通道5 Gbps(10G)或雙通道10Gbps(20G)運作,雙通道技術導入USB Type-C …

日前,重新設計的連接器體積更小,使用起來更方便。 表1將舊有的USB標準和USB Type-C標準放在一起進行了比較。

解析 USB 3.2 規格的變化,可加倍傳輸頻寬,傳輸速度加倍,它在傳統USB標準的基礎上提供了更高的電源傳輸能力和資料傳輸速度,USB 開發者論壇(USB Implementers Forum, USB-IF)正式宣布最新 USB 3.2的規格

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