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How To Fix the “HTTPS Not Secure” Message in Chrome
By flagging HTTP sites in this way, visitors receive ample warning to navigate away when visiting unsafe, suspicious, or simply unsecured sites. For more than a decade, Google has spearheaded numerous efforts and initiatives, such as the Safe Browsing Project, aimed at making the internet safer for everyone.

Synology Community

 · You recommend connecting to our Synology products using a certified domain name — and suggest getting a domain name certified with a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Where it says “You can also apply for a certification form Let’s Encrypt for free. See this help

How to Access Hidden Chrome Features and Settings …

Chrome is a pretty simple browser on the outside, but there are tons of pages built in for advanced settings, tweaks, tests, and more. All of these pages are hidden behind the chrome:// prefix—here’s a look at some of the best.

Managing environments — conda …

With conda, you can create, export, list, remove, and update environments that have different versions of Python and/or packages installed in them. Switching or moving between environments is called activating the environment. You can also share an environment file.


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 · At the start of our new work-from-home normal and before I was able to get my home office in order, the thing I immediately noticed was that I missed my office’s monitor setup. Samsung Galaxy
Improving Ventilation in Your Home
If a visitor needs to be in your home, improving ventilation (air flow) can help prevent virus particles from accumulating in the air in your home. Good ventilation, along with other preventive actions, like staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks, can help prevent you from

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Chrome: Bypass NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID for …

If not, you can try typing “badidea” or “thisisunsafe” directly in chrome on the same page. Don’t do this unless the site is one you trust or develop. The text “badidea” and “thisisunsafe” says a lot!
The Unsafe Class: Unsafe at Any Speed
 · May 4, 2020 Download a PDF of this article From time to time, you may need to break the rules. In the Java platform, this is normally accomplished by using one of three primary mechanisms: reflection, class loading (including associated bytecode transformation


Utiliser le Cheat code thisisunsafe dans Google Chrome qui permet de by-passer les erreurs de certificat (fonctionne pour les différentes erreurs de certificats). Solution n°3 : Lancer Google Chrome avec la commande –ignore-certificat-errors (option peu recommandée sur le long terme).

IE瀏覽器下繁體字亂碼的解決辦法-亂碼,繁體字-北方網-IT …

 · 北方網IT浪潮 公司老總的一個親戚在臺灣,較危險,那身為觀光客的臺灣人,由于對方使用的繁體系統,觀察超商這五點|Traveling …


How to bypass or disable Microsoft Edge’s …

Skip SmartScreen false positives How to bypass or disable Microsoft Edge’s SmartScreen Filter If Microsoft Edge won’t let you download a file you know is fine, use this guide to bypass the
The NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error is very common amongst those who are using SSL. Find out how to fix it quickly.

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