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Using your PEG tube
A PEG tube or gastrostomy tube (G-tube) can be used to give your child formula, food, or medicine. There are two ways to give feedings: bolus or continuous. You and your health care providers will decide the best way to use your PEG tube. Getting ready Wash

PE1698 PEG Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Instructions

 · PDF 檔案PEG Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Instructions Bolus Feeding: Bag Supplies: Step 1 Close clamp on tube. Connect bag and fill with liquid food. Step 4 When feeding is complete, flush tube with 5 to 10 mL water as instructed. Step 2 Connect tubing and bag to
Having a PEG tube inserted?
 · PDF 檔案nose and into the stomach, for people who need tube feeding for long periods of time, a PEG is more comfortable and easier to manage at home. PEG tubes are also more discreet as they can be tucked away under your clothes therefore, no one need know you

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube …

 · Background Enteral feeding should be considered for patients with an intact and functional gastrointestinal tract. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement is indicated in patients requiring medium to long term enteral feeding (>30 days) and with impaired swallowing.
Tube Feeding
Often, individuals with a feeding tube with at some point (hopefully sooner than later) with therapy begin to eat small amounts and drink orally with the hopes of progressing further orally. It’s important to note that that there is a high risk of aspiration with placement of a feeding tube due to the face that we mostly aspirate things going up than going down (ie, reflux).

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1,659 peg feeding tube products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which tracheal cannula accounts for 6%, laser cutting machines accounts for 1%, and the basis of …
peg feeding recipes
 · You didn’t say but it’s a presumption your child has a PEG (gastric feeding tube and not some other specialized tube like a J-tube). I am approaching my 6th year on home blended foods for my PEG but I am very much, much older then the 4 year old above.

Tube Feeding at Home: Gravity or Syringe Feeding

 · PDF 檔案Tube feeding, also called enteral nutrition, is a way food can get into your body if you are unable to eat or unable to eat enough. Food in liquid form is given through a tube into the stomach or small intestine.
Advice needed! Back pressure in PEG tube!
 · Since my dangling feeding tube does not have a shutoff clip on it I fold the tube over and grip the bend tightly with my fingers to keep the tube from back-flowing while I insert the Y-port cap. My next step is to place my disconnected bolus extension and syringe in the kitchen sink and fill the syringe with hot water and allow it to run through the extension set.

Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Documentation Record

 · DOC 檔案 · 網頁檢視Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Documentation Record (page 1 of 2) Complete Nursing Assessment & Interventions in Accordance with Individualized Health Care Plan (IHCP) Nursing Goal: Student achieves and maintains good nutritional intake Student Name DOB


 · PDF 檔案PEG or a ‘button’ type tube can be inserted through the original opening. If your child no longer needs any feeding tube, then the PEG is removed under anaesthetic and the PEG tube Abdominal wall Common Preasons why a child may need a PEG feeding

Welcome to the Jackson Peg Tube Stand

The Jackson Peg Tube Stand device is designed as a holder tool to support the PEG feeding tube and used to deliver food product or medications to a enteral nutrition gastronomy patient with bolus type feeding by anchoring the PEG feeding tube in a syringe holder


 · PDF 檔案13. After feed is finished, flush your feeding tube with warm water Follow steps 4-11 on page 15 and 16 for flushing feeding tube 14. Disconnect the tip from your feeding tube and replace the cap at the end of the feeding tube Go to cleaning up on Page 23
Types of tube feeding
Types of tube feeding You can have liquid food in different ways. Two types There are 2 types of liquid feedings: enteral nutrition when you have food directly into the stomach or small bowel parenteral nutrition when you have food directly into a vein (PN) Having food

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