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Small Diameter Pipe Wipe Sampling for PCBs: …

Article Small Diameter Pipe Wipe Sampling for PCBs: Technology Review and Status of EPA Approval. ABSTRACT The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulations governing management of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the electric and gas industr

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 · On site wipe test technology for assessing PCB contamination on surfaces such as walls and floors of PCB storage facilities has been developed to compliment the D TECH{trademark} PCB Soil Test. This sampling technique can be used to monitor transformers more » for leaks and spills, or to evaluate a surface decontamination processes.


 · PDF 檔案surfaces which may be difficult to wipe, chip, or Health and Safety Plan. sweep. 5.0 EQUIPMENT Equipment required for performing chip, wipe, or sweep sampling is as follows: C Lab clean sample containers of proper size and composition C Site logbook C


 · PDF 檔案Wipe Sample Interpretation Example Comparisons Substance Beryllium PCB 2,3,7,8 TCDD Source Safe level (ug/100 cm 2) DOE TG 312 TSCA EPA TG312 Michaud et al. TG312 Michaud et al. 3 and 0.2 4.7 10 1.60 and 9.04 7.5 0.0000354 0.00125 EPA WTC
 · PDF 檔案wipe sampling will be repeated. Although not anticipated and after cleaning efforts have been exhausted, if PCB levels are not measured lower in subsequent testing, window frames may be required to be removed and disposed of as PCB remediation waste.
Removal of PCBs From Concrete
 · PDF 檔案sampling is used to determine the depth of PCB Wipe sampling -3- Removal of PCBs From Concrete Walter Nischt contamination. depth of contamination. The sample is then cut into incremental sections and each is analyzed. In this way the depth of PCB The

Managing PCBs in Natural Gas Systems

 · PDF 檔案sampling event. • Disposal, use wipe samples to determine the presence of PCBs. With EPA approval, you may sample surface areas smaller than 100 square centimeters (100 cm 2) if you convert the results to the equivalent of a 100-cm 2 sample. Pipeline and
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Mold / Bacteria Sampling Utilizing an Agar Plate Microbiology Laboratory Mold Laro-100 Sampling Guide Microbiology Laboratory Mold Tape Lift, Bulk, Swab and Wipe Sampling Guide Microbiology Laboratory Mold/Bacteria Real Time PCR Water/Liquid Sampling

Version: February 2018 Swab sampling

 · PDF 檔案Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009 – Monitoring and Sampling Manual Physical and chemical assessment Version: February 2018 Swab sampling 1 Purpose and scope This document provides a method for swab sampling. Swab (or wipe) sampling can
 · PDF 檔案PCB RaPID Assay Features rapid field or lab testing method for the analysis of soil, water and wipe samples quantitative or semi-quantitative data results test up to 50 samples at one time results in approximately 60 minutes magnetic particle immunoassay

Field Manual for Grid Sampling of PCB Spill Sites to …

Emphasis is placed on sampling sites which have already been cleaned, although the sampling methods presented may also be used at PCB spill sites which have not been cleaned. Guidance is given for preparing the sample design; collect- ing, handling, and preserving the samples taken; maintaining quality assurance and quality control; and documenting and reporting the sampling procedures used.
40 CFR 761.257
Detailed guidance for the entire wipe sampling process appears in the document entitled, “Wipe Sampling and Double Wash/Rinse Cleanup as Recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency PCB Spill Cleanup Policy,” dated June 23, 1987 and revised
 · PDF 檔案With modifications, surface wipe samples may be analyzed [3,4]. INTERFERENCES: Chlorinated pesticides, such as DDT and DDE, may interfere with quantification of PCB. Sulfur-containing compounds in petroleum products also interfere [5]. This method

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