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Novated Lease
A ‘Novated Lease’ is a three-way finance agreement between an employee, employer and the vehicle financier. A ‘Novated Lease’ allows the employee to salary-sacrifice towards the cost of their car. The operating costs are included in the lease, such as fuel and
Novated Car Lease Guide: How Does It Work?
A novated lease may help you finance the cost of a car, and possibly some running expenses too, while potentially reducing your taxable income, according to ASIC’s Moneysmart. So how does it work, and what are some of the pros and cons of this type of
What are the benefits of a novated lease?
Novated lease explained — a case study [email protected] recently had the pleasure of assisting a client to buy an Isuzu D-Max. It is important to point out that in order to package a ute, it needs to have a carrying capacity under 1 tonne. The D-Max has a carrying
The worst things about a novated lease
A novated lease allows an individual to use pre-tax income, aka gross income (money that has not been taxed) towards the finance and running costs of their car. By using tax free dollars towards a novated lease, ultimately this can save people thousands of dollars over the life of a lease.

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You should think of a Novated lease as the most cost-effective way for you to own and maintain your vehicle. Its an agreement between you, your employer and a financier. It’s superior to almost any other method of buying a car simply because when you have a Novated lease, you’re able to unlock a portion of your salary that would normally be sent to the tax man.
Novated Lease
Novated leasing is a great way to potentially save time and money on the running of a car. Basically, a new, used or existing car is leased in your name, and while you are employed, your employer assumes responsibility for the lease payments. Instead of paying
Myths about Novated Leases
 · The novated lease can be transferred to the new employer’s contracted salary packaging provider. Most employers in Australia have a salary packaging provider however if not, the car payments can be maintained through direct debit similar to a standard loan.
Novated Lease Procedure
 · PDF 檔案Novated Lease Procedure | 1 NOVATED LEASE SCOPE This procedure applies to all eligible staff members employed by the University on its Australian campuses. In this procedure, the Enterprise Agreement means the Monash University Enterprise Agreement
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Whether you’re looking for a basic car loan, a novated lease, fleet management or anything else, contact Supalease today. Given the complexity of vehicle leasing and salary packaging we believe that the call-centre approach can be frustrating, and often produces a
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A novated lease is just a lease that has been novated (which means replacing one party with another). In this case, the lease is novated again, transferring the obligation back to the employee, and then would be novated a third time to the new employer. lease

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A ‘novated lease’ is the easiest and most tax-effective way of owning and running a car. With one fixed monthly payment covering not only the finance cost but also ALL the running costs of your vehicle such as insurance, petrol, servicing, tyres & roadside
Salary package your current car
3. GST savings calculated on the vehicle price of $17,600(FBT value). When entering a novated lease on your existing car, you may choose to claim the GST on the valuation of the car. An additional fee will be applicable at the time of entering into the lease.
Novated Leasing
What is a Novated Lease? It’s smart, it’s simple and it saves you money. Here’s how it works. Full Novation is a convenient program that packages fleet discounts on new cars, reduced servicing, maintenance and repair costs without you having to drive all over town. The team at beCarWise have a passion for all things … Continue reading “EML”
Novated lease
Novated lease establishment fee Personal Property Security registration fee Luxury Car Tax (if applicable) Running costs: Mechanical repairs, maintenance and servicing Replacement tyres Fuel Roadside assistance Comprehensive insurance Registration/CTP

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