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Department of Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Against the backdrop of Hong Kong becoming a modern and knowledge-based society, our programme aims at facilitating life-long self-improvement and career development through strengthening students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills…
Physical Education Unit
參考資料 – 瑜伽 / Yoga Course Link Suggestions 放假概覽 入分表格 聯絡我們 運動員獎學金計劃 – 歡迎會 運動員獎學金計劃 – 歡迎會 香港中文大學10公里夜跑 最新通告 夏鼎基運動場部份看臺重開 大學健身室暫停開放 2020-21 下學期體育必修及選修科技術
Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
CU Medicine discovered that composition of gut microbiota in COVID-19 patients is very different from uninfected individuals and is linked to disease severity. COVID-19 patients lack certain good bacteria known to regulate their immune system and the abnormal gut microbiota persists after clearance of the virus, which could contribute to lingering symptoms, known as “Long COVID”.
哲學博士/哲學碩士 (教育行政及政策)
電郵 [email protected] 辦公室 陳國本樓606室 劉譽 2019 入學年度 2019 劉譽 Doctor of Philosophy 電話 (852) 3943 9691 電郵 [email protected] 辦公室 陳國本樓606室 孟宇 2019 入學年 …
Latest Research
CUHK Establishes Hong Kong Hub of Paediatric Excellence (HK HOPE) in a Global Multidisciplinary Efforts to Advance Children’s Health and Well-being EXPLORE MORE 14 November 2018
(e.g. [email protected]) Password: Library Password If you are both a Retire Member Library Card holder and a subscriber to the Digital Library Service for CUHK Retirees (DLSR), you will also enjoy the convenience of having just one set of login ID and password.


序言 「港澳期刊網」建基於香港中文大學圖書館系統獨力開發,中英并重的教學環境,Posters | hkpfs.erg.cuhk.edu.hk
Office of Academic Links
CUHK GLOBAL — A comprehensive research university with a global vision, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) embraces internationalisation in its education and research, with a view to achieving excellence and gaining recognition for the University as a

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New Username for WiFi/VPN/ResNet Connection To improve your use experience, we are now standardizing the username for wifi/ResNet/VPN connections by using [email protected] (staff or project accounts) and [email protected] (student
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Registration and Attendance System
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Team members
[email protected] Ms. WEI, Yuanyuan PhD Student Research Interests: Lab-in-a-tube [email protected] Ms. Zhuang Ziyun Research Associate Research Interests: Instrumentation of surface plasmon resonance sensor [email protected]
Lin Yutang’s Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage – 林語堂《當代漢英詞典》網絡版 查詢

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