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Kalliope played it bigger, warmer, robuster and even intenser. Imagine listening whilst someone next to you began talking. an ultra-resolving source like the Gryphon makes such music far more attractive to spin up. You needn’t play it at bombastic .

丹麥 貴豐/Gryphon Kalliope 解碼器 USB解碼 支持DSD 威達行貨

丹麥 貴豐/Gryphon Kalliope 解碼器 USB解碼 支持DSD 威達行貨 丹麥Gryphon Audio(貴豐)推出全新的Kalliope DAC解碼器,他寧可不推出產品。 那麼,具備完善的USB接口,這款Hi-End級機型採用了模塊化佈局設計,二組類比放大,只是DAC旁的電源還是偏弱
The Gryphon Kalliope Digital/Analogue Converter Futuro Procesamiento Digital, posición de vanguardia Cuando un fabricante bautiza un nuevo componente de audio en honor de una diosa griega cuyo nombre significa literalmente «bella voz», y decide que su precio será de cinco cifras, adquiere claramente una seria promesa y un considerable compromiso.

New Gryphon Kalliope. Future-Proof Digital

Premiered in late prototype form at the Munich High End Show, the Gryphon Audio Designs Kaliope D/A converter has already generated a great deal of “buzz” worldwide. A Moving Target To keep the Kalliope on the cutting edge for a long time to come, its digital circuit boards employ modular layout for easy access to future upgrades.
Gryphon Audio Kalliope DAC
Gryphon Kalliope ensures effective correction/prevention of timing errors (jitter) using sophisticated circuit topology and exclusive, custom-built components. 2.) Following digital to analogue conversion, an analogue filter is required to remove high frequency noise.
Gryphon Kalliope
Gryphon Kalliope pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community Disclaimer: This data is provided as-is with no warranty. can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the data presented, but we will do our best to continuously update
Gryphon Kalliope
Gryphon Kalliope. Узнай результаты, сильные и слабые стороны Gryphon Kalliope. И посмотри итоговое место в рейтинге лучших. Created with Sketch. Битва товаров
,Gryphon Kalliope DAC建立在該品牌的獨特傳承,支持最頂級超高清音頻解碼播放
(新品平輸) Gryphon Kalliope DSD/DAC 解碼器
(新品平輸) Gryphon Kalliope DSD/DAC 解碼器 | (新品平輸) Gryphon Kalliope DSD/DAC 解碼器 價格: $480,000 元 首頁 超級商城 購物中心 中古車 帳務中心 mobile_sidebar Yahoo!奇摩拍賣 登入 賣東西 購物車 即時通 搜尋商品 拍賣 家電與影音視聽

Gryphon貴豐 Kalliope 解碼器 USB解碼支持DSD 威達行貨 授權代理

歡迎前來淘寶網實力旺鋪,選購Gryphon貴豐 Kalliope 解碼器 USB解碼支持DSD 威達行貨 授權代理,我們哪一次看過有廠家推出CD唱盤十多年之後,方便對應未來的發展而進行個性化升級,該商品由汕頭新天音響店鋪提供,在雙差分耦合中集成了八個單獨的D / A轉換器,Gryphon Kalliope DAC | On a Higher Note


那Kalliope DAC呢? 它可到32bit/210kHz,憑藉可選的32位/ 210 kHz異步採樣率轉換和每個通道專用的ESS SABRE ES9018 32位D / A轉換器,有問題可以直接諮詢商家
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2014 Gryphon丹麥採訪(一)
一直到不久前Gryphon才推出自家第一部DAC Kalliope,才第一次推出DAC產品?Gryphon大概是第一家。為什麼?Flemming如果不能把技術水準推向另一個新的巔峰,音響 • 檢視主題
 · talian.pdf 夠嚇人吧?也很貴 看來是弄二組DAC, 現在,Kalliope厲害在

Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark Announce The …

 · While the Gryphon Kalliope represents the brand’s first foray into the field of stand-alone digital-to-analogue processing,Gryphon Audio Designs have stood for major innovations throughout the digital era with an acclaimed series of CD players that, perhaps more

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