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可以用這個小工具將下載來的小遊戲從 swf轉exe檔,點擊運行后,可以快速的從exe格式的Flash中提取swf文件。碩思EXE-SWF轉換器在我們閃客精靈安裝過程中就自動安裝了。 轉換器在閃客精靈的工具菜單下,可以直接獨立執行, 「ふらっしゅえぁえぐぜ」でEXEに変換 …

「ふらっしゅえぁえぐぜ(Flash Air Exe)」は,SWF FLASH PLAYER DOWNLOAD - Flash College
The tools you are using are probably used to extract swf files from exe files, rather than convert them. As far as this being possible, flash isn’t even executed as a program – it’s run under the Actionscript Virtual Machine. That’s why it’s a .swf file and not a .exe
碩思EXE-SWF轉換器是一個小巧實用的工具,尤其像是許多的線上小遊戲都是SWF格式,Adobe FlashのSWFファイルをEXEファイルに変換するツール。64bit版を含むWindows 10に対応するフリーソフト
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Swivel Swivel is the best solution for converting your Adobe Flash movies into high-definition video. Swivel takes an SWF file and exports a video at any desired resolution, complete with audio and no dropped frames! Best of all, Swivel is completely free and open source, made out of a desire to help the animation community.

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The best part: This Flash Player will keep working in the future, even after web browsers ax Flash completely. It’s not just a debug tool for developers; it’s an extremely useful compatibility solution for anyone that needs Flash.
SWF decompiler
SWF Decompiler Trillix allows you to decompile SWF (Flash), convert SWF to FLA, extract SWF elements and edit SWF file. Supports AS 3.0, Flash CS6 & CC and Flex. Please, note that all options include OEM rights for unlimited redistribution of your software
Konversi flash EXE to SWF
Konversi Flash EXE to SWF Tampilan Flashkeeper Untuk konversi flash exe menjadi file swf langkahnya adalah sebagai berikut : Siapkan file flash yang sudah dalam bentuk executable(*.exe)
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Download SWF to EXE Converter
SWF to EXE Converter is a program with a name that perfectly describes its functionality – it allows you to turn Flash Video files, from the SWF format to EXE. This is a portable product, so
Adobe Flash Player Win 10
 · Download flash player from here > Flash Player Download just look for Download the Flash Player projector and then click on it to download the flash player projector. After downloading the above read the instructions below. Windows 10 Instructions: For SWF files

FardaSaz EXE to SWF
Download FardaSaz EXE to SWF for Windows to grab SWF files from your EXE shows easily. Now with this small and easy to use program you can extract SWF files from EXE

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Convert Flash EXE file to SWF First, you must use a conversion tool to get a Flash compatible SWF file. This step is essential because there is no tool that allows direct conversion from an EXE video to MP4. Download ‘Trong EXE to SWF extractor’ To convert .


SWFTools is a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, and creating them from other content (like images, sound files, videos or sourcecode). SWFTools is

Flash Builder/Flash Player::Convert SWF file into …

This free application converts any SWF flash movie file into an executable Windows exe file [SWF 2 EXE]. The created flash projector executable can have no standard windows border and supports translucency. Several fscommand() and ExternalInterface.call()

Flash轉檔軟體 swf轉exe程式 – 月光下的嘆息!

Flash 已經是許多人愛用的媒體格式, 檔案格式轉換 軟體版本, Flash 檔案格式轉換器 軟體類型,讓您更好收藏及分享。軟體名稱

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