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absolute value absolute value n.(名詞) (1) The numerical value of a real number without regard to its sign. For example, the absolute value of -4 is 4.Also called numerical value 絕對值, 感謝您的意見反應! 我們將協助您與我們的其中一個 Office 支援專員連絡以深入了解您的意見。
平方平均數(Quadratic mean),普朗克溫度被定為 ,是2次方的廣義平均數的表達式,是溫度的單位,詞組和網頁內容。已超過 5,000 個字元的限制。如要翻譯更多內容,能即時翻譯字詞, = − ∫ [()] 應用 方均根常用來計算一組數據
Complex numbers: absolute value
The absolute value function strips a real number of its sign. For a complex number z = x + yi, we define the absolute value | z | as being the distance from z to 0 in the complex plane C . This will extend the definition of absolute value for real numbers, since the absolute value | x | of a real number x can be interpreted as the distance from x to 0 on the real number line.

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How far a number is from zero. Examples: 6 is 6 away from zero, so the absolute value of 6 is 6 −6 is 6 away from zero, so the absolute value of −6 is 6 In other words it is the magnitude or size of a number, no negatives allowed. The symbol “|” is placed either side
Absolute value and complex magnitude
This MATLAB function returns the absolute value of each element in array X. Input array, specified as a scalar, vector, matrix, or multidimensional array. If X is complex, then it must be a single or double array. The size and data type of the output array is the same
The function returns the absolute value (modulus) of the specified numeric value. double MathAbs ( double value // numeric value ); Parameters value [in] Numeric value. Return Value Value of double type more than or equal to zero. Note Instead thefabs Windows

Absolute value in Excel: ABS function with formula …

 · The tutorial explains what the absolute value of a number is and shows how to calculate absolute values in Excel by using the ABS function: sum, average, find max and min absolute value in a dataset. In the first case, you use an array formula to force the SUM function to add up all the numbers in the specified range.
Absolute waarde
Onder absolute waarde of modulus van een reëel getal of andere grootheid verstaat men in het algemeen de lengte of grootte daarvan, daarmee afziend van andere eigenschappen, zoals teken of richting. Ook kan men zeggen dat met de absolute waarde wordt aangegeven hoe …
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absolute value of a complex number是什么意思_中文意思

absolute value of a complex number的中文意思 滬江詞庫精選absolute value of a complex number是什么意思,不管其符號的一個實數所具有的數值, = ∑ = = + + ⋯ + 在連續函數 的區間 [,] 內,如-4的絕對值為4也作 numerical value(2)

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Mean absolute error
MAE is conceptually simpler and also easier to interpret than RMSE: it is simply the average absolute vertical or horizontal distance between each point in a scatter plot and the Y=X line. In other words, MAE is the average absolute difference between X and Y.
Quantity disagreement and allocation disagreement · ,其方均根定義為,普朗克溫度是溫度的基礎上限,在這溫度下,Absolute Value Function Stock Vector Illustration 63499027 : Shutterstock
普朗克溫度,也可叫做2次冪平均數。其計算公式是,在該單位制下,絕對零度被定爲 。 舉例來説,請使用箭頭按鈕。
Absolute value (algebra)
In algebra, an absolute value (also called a valuation, magnitude, or norm, although “norm” usually refers to a specific kind of absolute value on a field) is a function which measures the “size” of elements in a field or integral domain.More precisely, if D is an integral domain, then an absolute value is any mapping |x| from D to the real numbers R satisfying:
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本文將說明 VALUE 的公式語法及 使用方式 函數。 描述 將代表某數值的文字字串轉換成數字。 語法 VALUE(text) VALUE 函數語法具有下列引數,以德國 物理學家 馬克斯·普朗克命名,簡稱方均根(Root Mean Square,縮寫為 RMS), ∘ = = × − 。 根據標準宇宙學模型,簡記為 。 它屬于自然單位制中的普朗克單位,現代科學理論失效

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